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Muthuvel Sivaprakasam

Founder & CEO

The force behind Thaalai Technologies, has over two decades of experience in Product Engineering, with highly accomplished stints at Sify Technologies Limited and Netree E-Services Private Limited, as Deputy General Manager and General Manager respectively.


Besides providing all these services – there are much more in the offering – in a seamless way.

Thaalai Technologies aims to offer its assistance at affordable costs, thus making it possible for its clients to see healthy returns on their investments in technology.



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Full Stack Engineering

Thaalai Technologies is a technology company specialised in product development in telecom, network, ERP, e-commerce, retail, custom web application and mobile.

There are three main business verticals, Outsourced product and project development, Remote infrastructure management, and developing product for the next generation of IT needs. Full stack developers are hard to find.

But Thaalai Technologies has a few of them in its ranks, capable of providing excellent services in Server, Network and Hosting environment to its esteemed clients. With immense knowledge and expertise in handling relational and non-relational databases, these professionals are adept at interacting with APIs and the external world, fully understanding the needs of the customers and their businesses.

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Nowadays, a new business idea, the subsequent thought process and the development that leads to the final output do not always happen at the organisation itself. More often than not, expert technologists specialising in certain core areas are hired to develop the various stages required to bring out the intended product.

If one can find a team of experts that will help achieve the ultimate aim, it would be great. And if there is a service provider who has that kind of a team and is willing to go much beyond the development process and stay on to render continued support, then you can’t ask for more!

Thaalai Technologies can depute a full-fledged team that would help clients seeking to develop new products, assisting them right from idea generation to strategic planning, collaboration to streamlining communication and production quality, and eventually bringing out the desired output that will give a competitive edge in the marketplace.

Thaalai Technologies has the expertise to develop products cutting across spectrum of tools, technologies and a whole range of specialised resources. Whether you are looking for experts to be there with you right through the process of development and the eventual delivery, or just require them to manage certain individual process segments, Thaalai Technologies is there for you.


Rapidly changing business needs and the emergence of Social, Mobile, Analytics and Cloud have compelled IT to become more agile and effective in delivering services to the business units and their end customers.

Software Defined Everything

Built on commodity hardware components, software defined architecture addresses customer’s next generation IT requirements such as enabling agility and scalability, generating new revenue streams and focusing on service availability rather than provisioning

Enterprise Architecture

Thaalai’s Enterprise Architecture business offers business design, enterprise architecture and infrastructure architecture services that support organisations in turning digital transformation into an integral part of internal capability.


The best path to application development and management is to start in the future – and stay there Thaalai’s Application Services works at the intersection of cloud, mobility and analytics to create simple, effective and future ready digital solutions

System Software

Some of the common challenges faced by services include delay in work order generation, the inability to get a customer sign-off and tracking technicians. Thaalai’s is a leading service management system Softwaree that overcomes all of the above.

Outsourced Product

Our Managed Project services can help you deliver more for less. Let us handle your complicated projects successfully.


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